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Welcome to Palamity!

We are Tamika Huffins and Laura Kroh, two moms who were brought together by our love of food and photography. We both believe that food is at the heart of everything and enables us to create meaningful connections within our families and community. About a year ago we teamed up to bring a common dream to life – to put all of our families’ favorite recipes together in one place and share them with a wider audience, connect with our local community, and promote the use of local produce and products to use in our recipes.

Palamity’s goal is to make people realize that eating healthy and fresh meals is not difficult and it does not require you to spend hours in the kitchen (unless you want to).  Cooking may seem an overwhelming task to some, but once you open your mind to the possibility of creating delicious meals in as little as 30 minutes, the feeling of accomplishment will take over and change your life. Our recipes are also waste conscious, which means that we do our best to find ways to reduce food waste by utilizing our ingredients in the most efficient ways. 

Food brings people together in more ways than one. It is a passport to exploring a multitude of cultures without ever having to leave your kitchen. 

Allow us to awaken your palate to an array of culinary experiences and flavors that work in perfect amity.

Welcome to Palamity, where “Together We Eat”.

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