Wholeheartedly – A Family Cookbook

Two years ago an idea popped into our heads- to use our love for food and photography to create a cookbook with our favorite recipes. A book where we could include our families’ favorite recipes, a family heirloom, so to speak, to ensure that our kids could carry on family traditions and be inspired to create some of their own. And so, we got to work, deciding what recipes we wanted to include and how to organize the book. We tested each and every recipe until we got it just right and photographed all the food because there is nothing better than a cookbook full of pictures!

Our idea took a turn in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. As scary, unpredictable, and different as our daily lives had become, it gave us pause, and allowed us to think beyond what we had originally planned. Our “little” project, our dream, had just gotten a little bigger.

Today, we are so proud to not only call ourselves published authors, but also small business owners of Palamity, LLC, a website that has been a conduit for sharing food related content with our readers, and it has given us an avenue to have meaningful conversations with people in and around our community.

During this journey, we have been fortunate enough to also find a community of talented and hard working women in our area. Each of whom is doing her part to propel our community forward in more ways than one. These women have been welcoming and supportive of what we do, and we could not be more humbled and thankful for this. Their support has far surpassed any of our expectations and has fueled us with inspiration and respect for every small business owner looking to make a mark in this crazy world.

This is why, a couple of weeks ago, when we were invited to participate in the first networking event of the #lafayetteincreators group, we were honored to attend and to also sponsor it with some delicious food. We prepared a selection of dishes from our cookbook and presented these at the event. It was an incredible experience of women coming together in support of one another, which just shows that together, we are stronger!

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